2-Coat and 3-Coat Systems for PVD

Kalgard® Two- and Three-Coat PVD and Metallization Coating Systems

Kalcor manufactures a range of single-pass coatings that provide a surprisingly broad range of special effects from crystal clear to semi-transparent to translucent, and popular frosted appearances.  These mono-coats can be formulated to provide shimmer and glimmer, white pearlescent effects and can be applied to offer a fade appearance.  One-coat formulations are available in a wide range of gloss and are all designed to provide the surface protection and chemical resistance required for cosmetic coatings. Top coats are designed to be completely compatible with popular pad printing and foil stamping decoration.  Our family of UV curable formulations allow for processing with the lowest amount of heat for applications on thin-wall PET containers.

Customers love the look of bright metal...from chrome to gold. While physical vapor deposition (PVD) and other metal sputtering processes provide attractive appeal, metallizing requires both a smooth primer to provide a mirror-like metal surface and a protective clear coat to protect the thin metal layer. These versatile primer/top-coat systems provide a range of beautiful appearances and durability. For those seeking the most design flexibility, Kalcor’s latest offering, which includes a third, “mid-coat”, provides almost limitless design options including pearlescent, color-shifting pigments, and a wider selection of rich, deep-chroma colors—all without compromising performance.

PVD Chamber

PVD Chamber

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