Electronics Coatings

Coatings for Consumer Electronic and Teletronics Products

The cell phone has become a fashion accessory and the plasma TV is the centerpiece many modern family rooms.

Molded-in-color electronics have given way to the richest colors, effects and textures that coating designers have to offer.  From high-gloss piano TV black bezels to muted soft-touch smartphone coatings, Kalcor,  with our global partner Cashew Coatings, offers an extensive family of high-performance coatings to the consumer electronics and teletronics industries.

These coatings range from dramatic monocoats, to two- and three-coat systems compatible with bright metal PVD finishes.  These coatings are formulated to provide excellent scratch and mar resistance, chemical resistance to a wide range of common household chemicals, including food stains, perspiration, hand cremes and sun tan lotions. 

The new advances in anti-microbial and fingerprint-resistant coatings add functionality and value beyond the coatings beauty and durability alone.

Kalcor's coatings are found on millions of televisions, cell phones, smart phones and consumer electronic products worldwide.  As a Sony® Green Partner™ we have also worked hard to create coatings and a manufacturing process that is among the most environmentally friendly in the paint industry. 

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