Electronics Coatings

Consumer Electronics

The wide range of products in the consumer electronics field calls for an extensive toolkit of coating choices:

Primers for Metal Substrates - such as Magnesium and Aluminum

  • Mono-Coat. Acrylic air-dry and low bake coatings that offer good performance in a single easy-to-apply, low cost coating.  Available in both clear and coated versions.
  • 2-Coat Systems.  For deeper, richer colors with a more scratch and mar resistant top coat, two coat systems provide more flexibility in color choice, gloss level and effects without compromising top-coat durability.
  • 3-Coat also called Mid-Coat systems.  A combination of basecoat, mid-coat and top-coat that provides the ultimate combination of design flexibility and coating performance. A clear or colored basecoat can be used over lower grade substrates to provide excellent smoothness for later coats or vacuum metallization (VM).  The mid-coat provides maximum choice of color and special effects from deeper chroma colors, pearlescent and to aluminum flake pigments.  The separate UV clear or tinted top-coat provides maximum durability.
  • Fingerprint-Resistant. New fingerprint resistant top-coats use oleophobic technology to provide easy-to-clean but highly scratch and mar resistant coatings for parts that are easily tainted by hand prints.
  • Super-Scratch-Resistant (SSR) top-coats.  These top coats provide scratch resistance that exceeds even the toughest performing standard UV cure top coats.  For those products which are particularly prone to damage from sharp objects and abrasion.

Kalcor and Cashew coatings are frequently used in combination with Vacuum Metallized (VM) parts and with Tinted Non-Conductive Vacuum Metallization (TNCVM).  We have developed a wide range of coating systems for both VM and Non-VM applications.


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