General Industrial Coatings

Though Kalcor has developed coatings for a number of specific markets, at one time or another each of these products started by solving a problem in a market that was new to us.

We look forward to solving new coating challenges and welcome inquiries from a wide range of industrial applications that match our technologies. 

The best fit for Kalcor are those coatings that have special cosmetic of functional requirements; like matching a certain color or meeting high corrosion resistance specifications.

Whether for plastics or metal, Kalcor can help engineer a coating for your industrial process.  We have designed coatings that are applied by spray, dip, dip spin and vacuum coating and that air dry or cure with UV,  low- or  high-bake thermal processing.

We begin by selecting the right chemistry that includes the right resin system, pigments and additives to solve the problem and then engineer the coating for your specific application and curing needs.

We frequently earn business by not just supplying a great paint but by embracing the entire process.  Our sales engineers have decades of experience in formulating, troubleshooting and running paint lines. We understand that our paint has to fit into your upstream and downstream processes and your manufacturing style.

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