Fluoropolymer Coatings

Waterborne Kynar Aquatec® resin-based coatings

Kalcor is one of the largest and most experienced formulators of coatings that use the advanced Kynar Aquatec® water-based fluoropolymer resin system.

Designed to meet the same demanding standards as the rest of the well-known Kynar® family of architectural products, acrylic-modified Kynar Aquatec® PVF chemistry provides the ultimate in weatherability and performance in an eco-friendly, easy-to-apply and easy-to-clean-up water reducible form.

 As one of only a few select Kynar Aquatec® licensees,  Kalcor has incorporated Kynar Aquatec® technology into coatings for roofing, siding and other building products that must stand the test of rain, humidity, sunlight exposure and weathering.  These products resist chalking and fading and offer extended product lifetimes.

Kalcor's Kynar Aquatec® based formulations also have excellent dirt-shedding and mildew resistance properties.  Combined with the optimum pigments and other additives, Kynar® technology provides beauty, durability and piece-of-mind.


To watch an informative webinar on Kynar Aquatec® waterborne formulations for exterior architectural applications (produced by Arkema Inc. and Kalcor Coatings)  Click Here.


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