Coating Technologies

2K Coatings

Two Component, or "2K" paints are a popular choice for applications that demand superior durability and weatherability. Since 2K paints do not dry in the conventional manner, but rather "cure" using a chemical process, 2K paints are frequently used when the large size, complex shape or heat sensitivity of the part requires a fast curing, low temperature paint process

2K paints rely on mixing a paint base with a catalyst in a specific ratio to produce a highly corrosion resistant coating. The base and catalyst should be mixed near the spray gun either by "hot potting" (manually mixing the right amount of catalyst and base), or for better results using a mechanical, or electronic proportioning system. Plural component mixers assure that the right ratio of base to catalyst is maintained, but also can save money on paint since the two components are combined only as paint is applied.

The benefits of 2K paints include:

  • Extreme corrosion resistance is possible
  • Chemical curing requires little or no heat
  • Can be applied with a wide range of spray technologies


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