Coating Technologies

Solventborne Coatings

Solventborne coatings remain the workhorse of industry for many applications where an extremely smooth surface or special effects require a blend of pigments particularly suited to solvent technology and which cannot be achieved with other mechanisms.


Kalcor Coatings offers a range of coating formulations that use the lowest solvent levels required in order to achieve the desired appearance.  The coatings are often used in specialty applications where a small volume of paint is required to give a particular appearance.


Solvent coatings complement our offerings of water-reducible and 100% solids, UV cured, coatings where emissions levels restrict the use of solvents in favor of a more environmentally-friendly solution.  Since many plants have a wide range of needs, Kalcor solvent-based systems are part of a broad and powerful tool kit to help you meet your production goals.



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