The Kalcor 073 line of engineered high temperature coatings provide a robust alternative to the Senotherm® products where a higher degree of mechanical performance is required.   This is a MIL spec coating that complies with MIL-P-14105D.

The coating is a stable acrylic-modified silicone coating that is fade-resistant to temperatures of 1200F, and offers superb salt spray and corrosion resistance.  The 073 line coatings were designed for parts that require both heat and corrosion protection such as high temperature exhaust vents, manifolds, engine r similar high-heat industrial applications.

Kalcor 073 Line is designed to be either brushed or spray applied to steel substrates that have been surface treated (by shot, grit or sand blasting) to remove soils, dirt and rust. The coating air dries to a tack-free finish at ambient temperatures in than one hour, but must be cured at 400F for 30 minutes to achieve it's final performance properties.

Kalcor 073 Line coatings are available in black and a number of other low gloss (<15 at 60-degrees) colors.


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