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Kalgard® Coatings for Siding

Kalcor offers an engineered line of Kalgard® coatings for a broad range of siding materials and applications. From 100% urethane systems to hybrid urethane-acrylic blends, Kalcor coatings are one-component waterborne dispersions suitable for vinyl, fiberglass, polypropylene, polycarbonate and other polymeric materials.

These high-performance coatings for siding are available in virtually any custom color and gloss as low as a 5 gloss. Kalgard® siding coatings can also be supplied in high solar reflectance versions for improved customer comfort and added outdoor stability. All Kalgard® siding coatings are designed for abrasion, having excellent hardness and chip resistance.

Kalgard® PVF siding coatings are engineered for better clean-ability, less dirt pickup, along with superior fire and mildew resistance to add years of performance and reliability in tough real world settings.

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