Sales and Technical Staff to Help with your Complete Process

Painting is often a complex process involving many steps inter-dependent steps; even a single coat may involve surface or pretreatment, application and curing. 

Kalcor understands that our coatings will perform best only when your entire process is working correctly. At the start of each project you will find that Kalcor's sales and technical staff will help you ask the right questions, test each assumption, and develop an optimized process that saves money and headaches.

To help you succeed, Kalcor brings several strengths to your application:

  • Experienced staff with years of coating experience covering a wide range of technology
  • Fully-equipped and staffed laboratory to help test your process
  • Global presence with associates in Europe and Asia to help support your needs
  • ISO-9001 certified manufacturing facility with stringent quality control
  • Hands-on management staff that can act quickly to solve problems
  • Sales staff that can perform line audits to identify savings and quality improvements
  • Field training to help you develop a smooth, efficient process
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