Custom Paint Formulation

Kalcor designs coatings to meet specific needs.

Our laboratory staff focuses on the appearance, performance and cost targets for each customers application.  Whether you are seeking the latest color trends and special effects or an extremely corrosion-resistant paint for the toughest exterior application. 

We are experienced in a wide range of resin systems and coating technologies for metal, plastics, composite, glass and wood substrates.

Like talented chefs, Kalcor chemists combine the best resins, pigments and additives to produce coatings that  are easy to apply and provide superior performance at the best price.

For some added insights into Kalcor's coating formulation approach and expertise, click here to read The Journal of Architectural Coatings article "Secrets of the Art: Formulating Architectural Coatings" by Kalcor's Technical Director, Vince Genova




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