Precise Color Matching

One of a formulators toughest challenges can be matching a particular color.  It's both an art and a science. 

Armed with the latest equipment like reference grade spectrophotometers with the sophisticated color management software that can detect fractions of a "delta-e" difference, the trained eye of an experienced color match expert is usually still needed to get just the right look.  Todays dazzling pearlescent, color-shift or advanced metallic pigments present unique challenges that a machine alone cannot adequately solve. 

But finding the right color must go hand-in-hand with the coatings performance requirements as well.  Since achieving certain gloss or opacity can dictate the use of certain additives the color chemist must also keep the coatings final performance requirements in balance.  A great looking coating that doesn't perform is of no practical use.

Not long ago, automotive designers had a monopoly on the market for innovative colors -- today's cell phones are often a much a piece of jewelry as they are a communications tool for their owners.  Since Kalcor supplies decorative coatings for high fashion markets like cell phones and perfume bottles, we have  created a storehouse of knowledge when it comes to specialized color matching.


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