Automotive Coatings

Rubber-to-Metal Component Coatings

The Kalcor Kalgard® 094 Line of waterborne coatings is specifically formulated for parts used in rubber-to-metal applications.  With over 500 hours of salt spray resistance, the Kalgard® 094 Line waterborne coatings excel at corrosion protection and is ideal for anti-noise, anti-vibration parts such as armatures, motor mounts and brackets.  Kalgard® 094 Line waterborne coatings are water-reducible polyolefin coatings with low VOC (under 0.5 pound/gallon). The paints can be sprayed either conventionally or electrostatically and are also available for dip-spin applications.

For a brief overview of Kalcor's Kalgard® 094 Line waterborne rubber-to-metal specialty coatings, please Click Here.

Motor mount

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