Automotive Coatings

Exterior Automotive Trim

The Kalgard 3-coat exterior coating system is intended for Class-Automotive exterior surfaces that need to meet demanding OEM paint specifications. The primer-base-topcoat combination results in a stylish appearance with maximum functionality.

Step 1: A Solvent based acrylic lacquer. This fast-drying (150F) primer is applied as a thin coating to smooth out substrate splay, and cover mold imperfections and provide excellent inter-coat adhesion. A wide range of ABS, PC ABS/PC, GTX and Nylons can be confidently prepared for coating using the Kalgard primer. For metallic sterling and argent silver parts such as wheel covers, an even thinner application is required.

Step 2: An acrylic color base-coat is applied to the primer. A wide range of colors and effects from vivid bright to muted pastels and special effect metallics, sterling and argent silver coatings are available. These low HAPS coatings dry rapidly under low heat (150F).

Step 3: The final step is application of a 2-component urethane/acrylic top coat. This coating can be water-clear or tinted to provide any desired effect while providing a hard scratch resistant surface that stands up to UV exposure, gravel, car-washes and abrasion.


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