Automotive Coatings

Low Bake / High Corrosion Resistance

For extreme corrosion protection but with a higher-gloss and more cosmetic appeal, Kalgards K2® line of  low-bake epoxy coatings fit the bill.  These coatings are spray applied and then either air-dried or baked with low heat (250F for 20 minutes) for an even harder surface.  These materials can be formulated in a number of attractive colors and gloss levels and are ideal for parts that are functional but have little UV exposure.  Our Kalgard® K2 automotive epoxy coatings are especially scratch, mar and chemically resistant great for protecting parts against brake fluids, transmission, oils and other contaminants. These coatings are being commercially used for devices such as air shocks and dampeners that need to maintain a long-term attractive appearance.

For a brief overview of the Kalgard® K2 low bake epoxy coatings please Click Here.

Air shock

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