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Kalcor and Greenkote Debut New Rubber to Metal Bonding System

Kalcor Coatings Company teamed with Greenkote USA, a supplier of high performance metal surface treatment, to present test results from a new process of protecting rubber-to-metal bonded components.

Speaking at the Fall 180th Meeting of the American Chemical Societies Rubber Division, Paul Mills of Kalcor and Tony Hall of Greenkote USA shared impressive performance results from a combination of Greenkote's thermal diffusion process combined with a Kalcor Kalgard 94-Line waterborne coating.

The team reported corrosion free surfaces after 1,500 hours of salt spray exposure. The system provides both higher initial rubber to metal bond strength, improved bond strength retention, and less variability. 

The technical paper and presentation are both available on the Kalcor web site.

Kalcor has established a leadership role in developing high performance, corrosion resistant coatings for industrial and transportation applications.

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